As far as reports go, this was not your typical assignment. We went from the tarmac of the Calgary International Airport to setting up a desk and typewriter in a +15, to bringing together classical musicians and hockey players on an outdoor rink on a chilly February night.

These were a few of the shots we conceived of in collaboration with Calgary Arts Development and photographer Jason Stang, who carted his equipment all over the city to create some truly unique imagery for an arts development strategy for Calgary.

Derek Beaulieu Poet
Jason Stang photography

Formerly named the Arts Plan, Calgary Arts Development spearheaded a process of consultations and research before compiling highlights of its findings in this report. Literally years in the making, it is the first definitive plan of action for the arts in Calgary, now titled Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary.

We branded Living a Creative Life to feel as vibrant as the arts in Calgary are. The logo for the project is a patchwork Living a Creative Life logodesign representing artistic ‘focus areas’ that come together to make up the creative soul of Calgary. Below is one of spreads from the book, showing how the core components of the report are represented by the five colours. We then combined this with photography showing photos of art in unexpected locations and scenarios across the city. We wanted to illustrate that art is not exclusive to the studio, that it informs other disciplines (such as education or business), and is part of every day life in Calgary.


Here, an artist takes a stab at something drawn in sugar…

Living a Creative Life

And here’s how it translated to the cover of the report:

Living a Creative Life Cover

This project was a creative collaboration between Calgary Arts Development, Jason and ourselves. Take a look at our favourite pages from the report in our work section, or the entire Living a Creative Life report on the LACL website.