SQAN Branding: Before & After

Sometimes, our work involves a brand update, or, makeover. The original logo belonging to The Surgical Quality Action Network (SQAN) wasn’t particularly distinctive, and the perception was that it felt rather cold for a health care organization. SQAN acts to connect health care professionals for the purpose of sharing information and building on each others’ improvements, so perhaps most importantly, the new logo needed to convey how the ‘network’ aspect of this organization was key to its success and function.

While the acronym as a whole is integral to the new logo, the “N” from “network” is a deliberately clear building block of the whole mark. The play between positive and negative space here creates interest, and overall, this is more warm and vibrant.

The new SQAN brand creates awareness of the network; that it is approachable, professional and most importantly, facilitates connections. A colour palette was developed, a primary typeface, and minimum requirements for its application  – in order to ensure consistent application of the brand.

Finally, it was time to apply the new brand to materials. This is where it really comes to life!