Only the Name Has Changed

Calgary Performing Arts Festival logo

It’s a new era for what was formerly the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival. This grand-daddy of regional music competitions in Canada has been an integral part of the Calgary arts community for years. But in 2015, the festival will not only be introducing new competition categories – think rock, blues, folk and jazz – but it will also be going by its new name, the Calgary Performing Arts Festival.

The opportunity to create the brand that would play a part in building on the recognition and esteemed reputation inherent in the festival was one we were honoured to have been given. We wanted to amplify the ‘festive’ sense of the previous logo, since the Calgary Performing Arts Festival is about the excitement of performing and the experience of sound – whether spoken, sung, or played. And, the logo mark moves outward and upward to represent the performer’s personal growth and realization of her potential through the experience of the festival.

Below are a few of the materials the new logo and brand were applied too. If you take in the festival this March and April, we hope you’ll find that the new brand suits the youthful exuberance and jubilant atmosphere surrounding the performances.


Calgary Performing Arts Festival