Nur Box Theatre – How Cool is This?

It’s family-friendly… accessible to all… and absolutely free!Nur Box Animation

Nope, it’s not a park. It’s modular, mobile and looks like a photo booth, but there’s no slot for your toonies. Just have a seat, grab the headphones, and enjoy the show.

It’s the Nur Box Theatre – a cool little public theatre that needed a brand and website. We took on this project last year, but we wanted to give a shout out about it today because the theatre has recently popped up in a great new spot this week – the downtown Calgary Public Library.

What exactly is a Nur Box Theatre? It is a miniature theatre that can be positioned in public and private spaces across the city. It features programming that is dynamic and thought-provoking, but family-friendly and curated every month by local filmmakers, non-profit artists, media organizations, and other special guests.

Ramin Eshranghi-Yazdi, a filmmaker himself, is the brainchild and impetus behind this theatre. His sole purpose in creating these venues was to provide Calgarians the opportunity to view locally- and internationally-produced works of film, video, and media art, which might otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. And he’s very pleased to be calling the library home for the next few months.

“The library is a perfect partner and location for Nur Box” Ramin says, “A safe public space where everyone, young and old, comes to explore, expand, and discover.”

Nur Box at Calgary Public Library

Nur Box Theatre is currently screening five short performances by five independent artists, three of whom are Calgarian. The performances are from the first season of the TELUS OPTIK on-demand show “SING TALK PLAY“, featuring live music sessions at CJSW radio. Check it out at the Downtown Calgary Public Library during regular business hours from November through February.

In addition to it’s new home at the library, the box has also resided at the the Olympic Oval and at the Calgary Folk Festival. Ramin’s ultimate goal is to have ten boxes out in the community so he is currently looking for sponsorships to help make this possible.

Nur Box Theatre logo

The logo mark is simply the name, Nur Box Theatre, justified on three lines and sized to form a box. We used the “O” to represent the physical venue for viewing the films – the screen and the modular structure itself. It also serves as a vehicle to project patterns and imagery onto, so that the logo mirrors the dynamic and always changing nature of the content within the booths. And this vibrancy becomes very apparent when you step inside a box to watch a film or when you check out the website: you first load the site, you are flooded with imagery reminiscent of rapid channel switching on a television. All pages carry on the simple theme of demure backgrounds and clean lines. Navigation is uncomplicated and icon-based, which emphasizes the idea that this brand is based on the visual experience. Finally, both this site and other extensions of the brand feature the raw wood pattern to connect with the material of the theatre box.