Grow Your Good recipient – CivicTech YYC

CivicTech YYC


We’re pleased to announce the latest recipient of our Grow Your Good award, CivicTech YYC!

CivicTech YYC is all about people coming together to work on projects that make use of technology, or data, for good. It’s a volunteer group possessing a diverse knowledge and skill set—from developer skills, marketing and communications expertise, to user experience knowledge. Those who’ve joined this local “tech for good” movement can connect and organize themselves in to teams to work on projects of their own choosing or creation.

Since this program is all about facilitating connections between people who are interested in using technology for good, we created a brand that communicates the idea of connections between people coming together to solve problems and put their skills to use. It also brings to life the idea of intersections that can occur between technology and new ideas.

If you’d like to learn more or want to check out the next meeting, contact Gena or Geoff: or