Fisher Farms

Well, that’s a wrap! Our second recipient of the 2013 Grow Your Good initiative, Fisher Farms, just went live with their new website!

This dynamic farming duo – Nolan and Kari Fisher, were great to work with! Their passion for their work (or is it play?) was apparent from the first time we met, and it was great that they knew what they needed and what they liked right away.

We all agreed that the website could be streamlined and updated. But before tackling that, a brand update seemed in order – something to build off of, and to establish the personality that is “the Fishers”. So with a little nudging from us – they were happy to put the award towards getting it all done.

We think we came up with something that feels like them. It’s approachable, personal and bold. The whimsy of the illustrations helps with that approachability (and suggests the variety of their offerings), and the bright colours make them stand out, and bring a personal touch to the brand: Kari even supplied us with photos of the colours she enjoys at home.


Here’s a view of the site’s home page, but take a look at all of it here.

Fisher Farms website