EPIC co-work space for social innovators

EPIC is a home to social innovators in Calgary – a co-work space that facilitates collaboration to help make the world a better place. After months of hard work, co-founders Mike Bowerman and Mika Nurminen are able to celebrate its launch this week.

This innovative workplace concept gave us a lot of creative ammunition to create EPIC’s brand. To represent people and ideas coming together in one place, the logo is curious and energetic – with organic twisting and intersecting elements reminiscent of the old pneumatic tube systems used for transporting documents between offices. Added bonus: take a look from a step back and the logo feels like an idea cloud radiating from the word. 

As the community and physical space grows around EPIC’s concept, so will there be opportunity for the visual identity to grow. The intent is to keep this brand flexible to work with whatever this solution space becomes. As an example, we are beginning to build out from the neutral business card design to a vibrant, positive colour palette and bold typography on the website.

Branding for EPIC Calgary


With plans to offer events and programs in the new space, the future for EPIC looks bright.