Arts and Culture Infrastructure

The Executive Summary of this report states: “With strong arts and culture infrastructure, our entire arts ecosystem is supported and all citizens have access to community and cultural facilities where they can fall more deeply in love with our city.”

Our city’s designated arts authority has been working hard to champion this. Now, it is releasing a follow-up report to the one it produced in 2007, giving us some insight into what has changed when it comes to the spaces and places to create and take in arts and culture in Calgary. And the message is this: we’re building on our momentum.

Arts and Culture Infrastructure

In designing this piece, we established two main priorities:

1. Conveying the ideas of building and momentum.

2. Creating a layout that allowed for the large amount of (mostly text) content to be easily absorbed and found.

The basis of accomplishing both of these was to work with patterning. Structured or organic in nature—patterning that is both connected and expanding—represents the ideas of building, infrastructure, and gaining momentum.

We used one pattern per each of the five sections of the report.

Table of Contents

Major sections are clearly distinguished by the pattern detail and tab along side of page.

Typography in Arts and Culture Report

The layout and typography makes use of the Calgary Arts Development brand’s red and Myriad typeface, and is clean and uncluttered, with any other colour kept to a minimum.

We incorporated the patterning into photographs which are used to separate sections.

Beakerhead Photo

View the full report here.