Wonder lives here – River Valley School Website

A school for children, but its website’s users are adults.

The problem to solve was: How do we create a website that is a useful tool for adults, but embodies the whimsy, personality and energy of River Valley School and its students?

Our answer was to create something that is first and foremost built on a solid UX foundation, but feels like you are stepping into the creative learning environment of the school. The site conveys the wonder and the experience that the school offers—which emphasizes an adaptive model of education that supports different learning styles and embraces unique talents of each child—without falling back on the visual cliches often employed when referencing this age group. The overarching theme for this website was “Wonder lives here,” and we communicated it though vibrant colours, details in buttons, and typographic stylings. Custom photography focuses on students in the moment of experiencing those feelings of wonder and engagement (shot by Trudie Lee) and are further brought to life by magical graphic overlays.

This website is chalk full of all kinds of features and functions, including:

• Tour booking feature
• Multiple embedded videos
• Quiz
• Newsletter subscriber tie-in
• Staff directory and bios
• Quiz
• Calendar
• Pop-ups
• Online application
• Forms

River Valley School

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