A New Brand for Calgary’s Arts and Culture Champion

What can we say? We’re delighted to be sharing this news. Last Friday, Calgary Arts Development launched its new brand… designed by GOOD Company.

A little over two years ago, we celebrated our newly awarded contract-for-service from this important driver of Calgary arts and culture. And after cutting our teeth on a number of publications and information pieces for them, it was time to communicate CAD’s essence – its story and vision – through a rebrand.

This brand  journey began with a strong directive from CAD: build an identity that supports our vision of a creative, connected Calgary through the arts.




Right off the bat, the word ‘connected’ grabbed hold as inspiration, and letters morphed into successive rings. Not only is a circular pattern visually expressive, evoking strength and boundlessness, it resonates with a concept we had already been exploring with CAD’s community investment team – Expanding our Circle of Impact. The idea behind it is to promote continued growth and a broadened outreach so that Calgary’s arts scene is relevant and accessible to a wider audience.




And when you think of Calgary and a certain representative colour, it’s a no-brainer. It had to be red. In fact, as the city’s designated arts development authority, the new brand needed to harmonize with the branding of all arms-length city organizations:




The new CAD wordmark nestles right in among its peers; however, when the time comes for CAD to shine on its own, the full logo/word mark serves to distinguish them.

Now that this brand’s journey has reached its destination, we are so very excited to put it to work. It’s adaptable, absolute in its bearing and full of potential. Its simplicity lends itself to a ton o’ fun and dynamic applications.

See more images of this brand in action in our work section, here.